Memorial Service vs. Celebration Life

Posted on December 26, 2022 by Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services under funeral home
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People have different ways to refer the end-of-life service. At first, it is a funeral, then it became memorial, and the most recent one is the celebration of life. And here, we will be discussing the meaning of the two terms and the differences between a memorial service and celebration of life, in order for you to know how to label your loved one’s service. Yet, whether you choose memorial service or celebration of life, funeral homes at Middleburg, FL got your back. The company is truly offering a wide variety of services, so you have a lot of options to choose for your needs. Nonetheless let’s define what is a memorial service and celebration of life.

What is a Memorial Service?

A memorial service is an end-of-life service, however unlike a traditional funeral, this service is a gathering where casket or cremains are sometimes not present. Although the urn with the cremains may be on display.

What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life is usually a less formal occasion than a funeral or memorial service. The celebration of life focuses more on celebrating the life lived and sharing memorable memories of the departed. Though they are less solemn ceremonies than a traditional funeral, this does not imply that no one sheds a tear throughout the service.

Yet, take note both memorial and celebration of life service also have the same purpose and that is to honor the deceased. But still, there are differences between these two, they are:

1. The celebration of life attire is more casual than the memorial service attire.

  • Usually, when people are attending to a funeral or memorial service, they were black or dark colors. Yet, for celebration of life, you have to check the instructions on what to wear. There are times that family members may ask the guests to wear a specific color and others.

2. A celebration of life service may be less formal than a memorial service.

  • In some occasions, the celebration of life may feel more like a party where family and friends talk casually and gather to share stories, unlike with the memorial service, you’ll hear traditional hymns and readings.

3. A celebration of life typically focuses on having the privilege to know the departed. A celebration of life typically focuses on the grief of losing your loved one.

  • funeral homes at Middleburg, FLDuring the celebration of life event, you may hear lots of laughter and joy. And these things, may not be as suitable at a memorial service.

4. A celebration of life can be held anywhere, unlike a memorial service, which can be held at a funeral home or place of worship.

  • You can choose a place for the event when it comes to the celebration of life, which is not the same case when holding a memorial service. So, it could be in the funeral home, chapel, or religious institution.

Finally, the decision is all yours. You can select between memorial service and celebration of life. The good thing is the funeral homes at Middleburg, FL offers almost all the services, so visit us for your inquiries. And, if you have more questions regarding memorial service and the celebration of life, you can also contact us. We will always be available for all your need

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