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Tips For Talking To Your Loved Ones About Preplanning Funeral Services 

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You already know how important it is to preplan your Orange Park, FL funeral services. One crucial step of that preplanning is having a discussion with your loved ones about your plans. This conversation is never easy. Your loved ones don’t want to talk about your eventual death, much less the details of your funeral. As […]

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From a Death To the Funeral Home 

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Every death is hard to deal with, and this difficulty includes both the loss itself and the stressful preparation that needs to take place between the death and a funeral home in Fruit Cove, FL. Learn more about this process so you can be better prepared when faced with a loss.    There are 8 main steps […]

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How To Pay For Funeral Home Services

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Most people have contemplated their own passing, but most do not think about the more practical aspects of their death, like how to pay for it. Funeral homes in Jacksonville, FL and around the country can be very expensive, so its vital to make plans now for how you will pay for your funeral to make sue […]

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Repass (Repast) or Funeral Reception – What You Need to Know

Posted on October 26, 2015 by Cameron Naugle | 1 Comment
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What is a Repast After a Funeral? When someone dies, the family hosts a repast. It is usually less formal than an actual funeral service or memorial and much more informal. It’s common for anyone who attended to join in on this gathering. Funeral repast has long been a tradition to honor the deceased with […]

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