What to Do with Remains After Cremation?

Posted on May 22, 2023 by Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services under Cremation
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Cremation is a popular option for many people as a way of laying their loved ones to rest. The procedure involves converting the body to remains, which can be kept or scattered in a number of ways. Nonetheless, selecting what to do with the remains after cremation services at Ponte Vedra Beach, FL can be a tough and emotional choice. In this article, we’ll examine several alternatives for what to do with cremated remains.

Scatter the remains

One of the most typical ways to dispose of remains following cremation is to scatter them at an area that was significant to the deceased or his or her family. This may be a preferred park, beach, or other natural setting. Others scatter the remains in a garden or other outdoor area. Check local rules and regulations to confirm that dispersing remains is permitted in your community.

Keep the remains in an urn

Many people opt to keep their loved one’s remains in an urn, which can be displayed at home or placed in a columbarium or memorial garden. Urns are available in a range of designs and materials, ranging from traditional urns made of metal or stone to more modern versions made of glass or even biodegradable materials. As a means to keep a loved one close, some individuals opt to have a little amount of cremains incorporated into jewelry, such as a pendant or bracelet.

Bury the remains

After being cremated, remains can also be buried in a cemetery or other place set aside for that. This can give friends and loved ones a place to go and pay their respects. Some cemeteries have special places for remains to be buried, while others let them be buried right next to caskets. Check with the cemetery to make sure that remains can be buried there and to find out if there are any rules or requirements.

Scatter the remains from the air

Some people choose to scatter remains from the air because it is a unique and memorable way to do it. There are companies that specialize in spreading remains into the sky from planes or hot air balloons while loved ones watch. This option can give you a sense of closure and finality as well as a unique and memorable experience.

Donate the remains for a good cause

cremation services at Ponte Vedra Beach, FLLastly, some people choose to give the remains of a loved one to a good cause, like a tree-planting program or a project to restore coral reefs. These programs use the remains as a rich source of nutrients to help new life grow, leaving behind a lasting and meaningful tribute to the departed.

After cremation, there are several ways to fit different interests and beliefs. The most essential thing is to choose a manner that gives you and your loved one’s comfort and closure, whether you scatter the remains, store them in an urn, bury them, scatter them from the air, or donate them to a good cause.

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