Smart Tips on How to Save Money on Funeral Expenses

Posted on March 13, 2023 by Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services under funeral home
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Funeral homes in Orange Park, FL

Today, the average cost of a funeral is around $7,000-$9,000, which may put a significant financial strain on a family who has recently experienced the loss of a loved one. Most people find the financial burden of funeral fees distressing, especially when they occur during such a trying period in their lives, but there are many methods to reduce costs without compromising on a fitting memorial for the departed. Funeral homes in Orange Park, FL provided some tips to arrange a funeral within your budget.

But, take note that, it is also helpful to know the deceased’s final wishes about burial arrangements while planning a funeral. Before you start making arrangements, find out whether your loved one has already prepared a funeral plan outlining their requests for the event. Now, let’s move on to the ultimate ways to save money on funeral expenses.

Compare funeral home prices. Funeral homes have different prices, so it’s a good idea to phone around and ask for price lists through email before making a final selection. Don’t be afraid to ask for a pricing list (even if you’re simply looking around) and see what the funeral home charges for each service.

Select an immediate burial or direct cremation. Direct cremation or immediate burial might be a cost-effective option if you do not want a viewing or service with the body present. Most funeral homes offer these basic cremation and burial packages. They usually include picking up and transporting the body, basic preparation, and taking care of any paperwork that needs to be done.

Select a simple service. Depending on your needs, services might be as simple or sophisticated as you’d like, but keep in mind that the more work involved, the higher the price tag. A service that is less elaborate but yet includes some meaningful touches might mean just as much to the recipient without spending a lot of money.

Purchase an urn or casket somewhere. When it comes to selecting a coffin or urn, you have access to an almost infinite variety of products. The use of a casket is not mandated in most states, and funeral businesses are prohibited from charging a “handling fee” if you bring in a casket from another provider.

Select a free service venue. While most funeral homes may charge several hundred dollars to use their staff and facilities, there are many free alternatives. Think outside the box and have a celebration of life in a public setting, like a beloved park, or ask your house of religion if they would be willing to host the event.

Donate the body to a medical school or science. When a body is donated to a school for medical research, the family typically incurs no expenses related to the donation. You are allowed to do this if you really want to save money and at the same time help science.

Funeral homes in Orange Park, FL

Planning a funeral may be challenging, but if you follow the steps mentioned above, you can reduce your expenses. Funeral homes in Orange Park, FL are here to also help you and give you affordable services. Reach out to us so we can fully assist you.

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