Funeral Services vs. Memorial Service

Posted on February 13, 2023 by Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services under funeral home
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Nowadays, the phrase “memorial service” is frequently seen or used in obituaries, death notices, or when individuals are talking to one another after the passing of a loved one. Yet, little did we know that these term and type of service is different from the traditional funeral service that we have ever since. These two types of service actually have the same purpose, and that is to bid our last goodbye to our loved one who just passed away. Both can short or long ceremony as needed. And the good thing is, a funeral home near Middleburg, FL offers these types of services and a lot more that will satisfy each customer. And now, let’s move on, so we can identify the differences of the funeral and memorial service, so you can choose what’s best fit your needs and wants of the family or deceased, if there is.

Funeral Service

In most cases, a funeral service is being held with the body of the deceased present whether it is cremated or buried. It is a service that remembers and honors the departed. Furthermore, a funeral service often referred to a service takes place in a chapel followed by the performing the cremation of the departed’s body, or it can also refer to a traditional, graveside or burial ceremony. In addition, a funeral is typically held within a week the death of a loved one occurred.

Memorial Service

It is true that funeral and memorial service has the same purpose and that is to honor a loved who recently departed, yet despite of their several similarities, the two have a lot of differences as well. So, a memorial service also takes place after the disposition or death happened. This type of service is very specific in memorializing the life of the deceased. A memorial service can also be held subsequently a funeral service. A family can choose a specific date any time so the guests live from afar can make time to book a flight and travel to attend the service.

funeral home near Middleburg, FL

Which is better? A funeral or memorial service?

The whole decision depends on you and your family requests or even the deceased’s wishes. There’s no need to know which is better, you can choose whatever you like, as long as you’re contented to that decision. Just keep in mind that these services are still different from each other. You can select the most convenient for you, your family and friends. The main goal of having a service after someone you love has passed away is to honor the life they lived and to reminisce all the wonderful memories they have shared to everyone. So, choose what you think is better and will fit for all your needs. Just make sure that you understood the processes of both services and then you can decide.

Finally, these are the things you need to know about the memorial and funeral service. If you have more questions or inquiries, you can go and contact us at our funeral home near Middleburg, FL.

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