The Top 6 Benefits of Cremation

Posted on December 19, 2022 by Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services under Cremation
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As time goes by, cremation is becoming more and more popular. In fact, people’s perceptions regarding death and funerals are also changing. Now, are you struggling if a traditional burial is still your preferred option for your loved one or whether you would prefer the cremation method? Do not worry, in this blog post you will learn the different benefits of cremation that can help you decide what’s fit for someone you love. But, either way, cremation services near Orange Park, FL offers them both. Rest assured that our company can really help you on whatever decision you made.

The following are the benefits of choosing cremation:

Usually Less Expensive

Typically, the cost of cremation is cheaper compared with the traditional burial. Most especially if you opt for a “direct cremation,” the funeral service happens right away. As a result, this can significantly lower the cost. Yet, watch out for accidentally overspending on cremation.

Protects the Environment

The processes of embalming and burial use chemicals. This has the potential to enter the earth and harm the ecosystem. Land and water may still be needed for cemetery management. The environment may pay a high price as a result of this. So, cremation is safer and environmentally friendly than embalming or doing the traditional burial.

The Ash are Transportable

You cannot transfer without incurring great expense if you bury a casket in the ground. However, if your loved one has been cremated into ashes, you can move around the urn after your loved one’s death with ease. This will be very important for those families who frequently moves.

More Time-Saving

Funeral arrangements will be a huge burden for your family. When you’re emotionally coping with the (perhaps abrupt) death of a loved one, this is very difficult. So, you might wish to make sure that your relatives don’t have to deal with any difficulties or pointless decisions at this tough time. And, cremation is usually faster compared to the traditional funerals. With that, you can save a lot of time and hassle.

Mostly Suitable with Many Religions

Cremation is not considered to be acceptable by many religions and beliefs. It’s okay if this conflicts with your religious beliefs. But cremation has been embraced by a wide range of religion systems.

Can be Changed to Burial as well

cremation services near Orange Park, FLEven if you choose cremation, you can still bury your loved one thereafter. Choosing cremation can help if you want to give your family and friends the option of holding a funeral service or not. You must choose whether to bury the departed body or keep the ashes with you after passing. However, there is never any pressure to decide. Even several months after the passing, the funeral service may be held. This gives distant family plenty of time to travel.

Now, the decision is yours whether to choose cremation or the traditional burial, but above are the several benefits of selecting cremation. Yet, cremations services near Orange Park, FL, whatever you decide, we can give you the best offers and everything you need. So, do not hesitate to contact us for more questions.

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